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Gobind Machinery Works


Gobind Machinery Works is among the prime Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of a wide variety of products. The product range includes Biodiesel Reactor, Wheat Processing Plant, Spice Processing Plant and Industrial Conveyors. The wide range of our products is being supplied to chief Industries due to our Flour n Spices Units. Also we are serving Various Government Departments, Public & Private Sector Organizations, Educational & Research Institutions, R&D for our Bio-Diesel Plants Manufacturing Department.

The entire range of products manufactured by us is fabricated using high grade material and latest technology. We are backed by a team of professionals who makes sure that t5he entire range is manufactured in accordance with the national and international norms and standards. Furthermore, we have always satisfied our clients with timely delivery of all the products.

Spice Processing Units

With an experience of more than 25 years, we are one of the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Spices Processing Plant based in Delhi, India. Our Spices Processing Plant has garnered appreciation for its precise design and efficient operation.


  • Rotary Roaster
    ROTARY DRYER Rotary Dryers Work By Tumbling Material In A Rotating Drum In The Presence Of A Drying Air. They Can Also Be Indirectly Heated To Avoid Direct Contact Between The Material And Processing Medium. The Drum Is Positioned At A Slight Horizontal Slope To Allow Gravity To Assist In Moving
  • Tunnel Roaster

    The Tunnel Dryer Is A Machine Where A Container (Tray) Filled With The Material Is Placed On The Chain Or The Material Is Loaded Directly On The Chain, And The Trolley Is Pushed In From The Tunnel Chamber Entrance. The Material Is Dried While Being Moved Through The Drying Chamber.

Magnets & Magnet Products

  • Hopper Magnets

    Hopper Magnet – For Excellent Protection Against Iron Contamination. Hooper Magnet Is Used To Remove The Particles Of Metal From The Raw Material. It Is Used To Protect Fine Powder Before Packing From Iron Contamination From Nails, Nuts, And Iron Bits And Iron Dust.

  • Magnetic Destoner

    This Advanced Magnetic Destoner Is Utilized To Remove Sand Particles, Fragmented Stones, Mud Balls And Various Other Contaminants Or Impurities Present In All Sorts Of Grains, Seeds Etc.

  • Magnetic Tubes
    Products Details : Magnetic Tubes Are Commonly Used To Remove Small To Medium Size Ferrous Tramp Metal Contaminants From A Variety Of Product Streams. It Can Be Use In The Powder Flowing Line So That Contamination Can Be Stop In Between Before The
  • Plate Magnets
    Product Details : Plate Magnets Are Designed For Use In Machine Feeding Inlet . Can Be Installed On The Bottom Side Of A Chute Or At The Starting Point Of Any Machine. A Plate Magnet Will Provide Maximum Protection As Product Travels Through The Powerful Magnetic Circuit. ... This PLATE Is Used To

Material Handling System

  • Bag Dump Hopper

    Product Details :

    • Feeding Any Machinery Installed At A Certain Distance Through Means Of Elevator, Pneumatic Suction Or Pusher System.
    • Pre-Installed With Magnets And Dust Control Unit For Removing Dust From The Line.
  • Bag Filling and Stitching System

    Applications :

    • Automatic Weighing Of The Bags
    • Automatic Stichng Of The Bags + Your Brand Name
    • Stichting Of Bags Weighing 10kg To 25 Kg
    • Complete Online Stitching Of Bags
  • Batch System
    Product Details : This System Is Specially Designed For Mixing Several Ingredients For Making One Product. This System Works On Scada Software You Can Hide Your Ingredients Formula From Other’s You Can Control The Complete Plant From Your Phone Online Measuring Of Different Products And
  • Belt Conveyor
    Product Details : This System Is Used For Lifting Material From The Bottom And Feeding Any Machine Or Shifting Material To Another Floor Or Loading Trucks. It’s Speed Can Be Controlled According To The Product. Different Length And Size Can Be Create As Per Customer
  • Bin Activators

    Product Details :

    • This System Is Used Under The Silo’s For Moving The Stichy Matrial From The Silo’s Without Changing The Form Of Product.
    • Power Consumption Is = To No.
  • Bucket Elevator

    A Bucket Elevator Can Elevate A Variety Of Bulk Materials From Light To Heavy And From Fine To Large Lumps.The Bucket Elevator Is The Enabling Technology That Permitted The Construction Of Grain Elevators. A Diverter At The Top Of The Elevator Allows The Grain To Be Sent To The Chosen Bin.

  • High Pressure Fan

    It Is Use For Several Phases:

    • As In For Pneumatic Suction Of The Material
    • As In For Pneumatic Grinding
    • As In For Lifting Material Upto Any Height
  • Load Cell

    Product Details:

    • This Setup Is Used ForChecking  The Weight Of Your Mixture / Blender / Silos At Any Place.
    • Making A Bigger Lot While Mixing Different Products With Lesser Quantity.
  • Plant  Shifter
    Plansifter Is Driven By A Motor Which Is Installed Inside The Main Frame And Counter-Balanced By A Counterweight. Each Machine Has 4, 6, Or 8 Sections Sieves Inside. Different Materials Flow Into Different Sections On Their Own Route. According To Individual Design For Different Materials, The
  • Pneumatic Diverter

    It Is Use For Connecting Two Different Output Lines At One Feeding Point. It Is Connected Pneumatically & 100% Efficency Is Achieved.

  • Pressure Conveying System

    Product Details :

    • This System Conveys Your Material With A Push Blow System Which Consumes Less Power Consumption.
    • We Can Fill As Much Silo’s We Want To Fill.
  • Rotary Airlock

    From The Air Lock Inlet The Air-Product Mixture Enters The Chambers, Which Are Created By Fixing Blades (Wings) On The Rotor Shaft. Due To The Precise And Standard Tolerance Between The Body Housing And The Rotor, The Product Is Separated From Air And Discharged Regularly Without Any Leakage.

  • Screw Conveyor

    A Screw Conveyor Or Auger Conveyor Is A Mechanism That Uses A Rotating Screw Blade Within A Tube, For Moving Granular Materials. They Are Used In Many Bulk Handling Industries. The Rate Of Volume Transfer Is Proportional To The Rotation Rate Of The Shaft.


  • Double Cone Blender

    The Double Cone Blender Is Used To Produce Homogeneous Solid-Solid Mixture. This Process Is 360 Degree Rotation Process For Industries Such As Healthcare, Food, Chemical, Cosmetics, Detergents, Fertilizers And Plastics.

  • Heavy Duty Blender

    IS Available With Us In Different Operating Specifications To Choose From And Provides Working As A Heavy Duty Blender. The Equipment Finds The Use For Allowing Easy Mixing Of Pre-Processed Powder Like Dried Granules, Pre-Sieved Powders, And Others.

  • Ribbon Blender Cum Roaster 
    Product Details : Ribbon Blender + Roaster IS Available WITH Us In Different Operating Specifications To Choose From And Provides Working As A HEAVY Duty Blender. The Equipment Finds The Use For Allowing Easy Mixing Of Pre-Processed Powder Like Dried Granules, Pre-Sieved Powders, And Others. In

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