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Gobind Machinery Works

Milling Section

  • Air Classifier Grinder

    The Distinctive Principle Of Air Classifier Grinder Is Based On A High Air Throughput In The Grinding Area. This High Amount Of Air Is Converted In To A Tremendous Turbulence By The Rotating & Stationary Parts Of The Machine As Well As By An

  • Turbo Pulverizer

    The Pulverizer Is A Machine Added By Thermal Expansion. It Smashes Blocks And Items And Pulverizes. It Is The Process Of Crushing Solid Material Into A Fine Particles Of Less Than 5 Mm. Pulverization Method Includes; Crushing, Impacting And

  • Hammer Mill

    Hammer Mills Consist Of A Series Of Hammers (Usually Four Or More) Hinged On A Central Shaft And Enclosed Within A Rigid Metal Case. It Produces Size Reduction By Impact. The Materials To Be Milled Are Struck By These Rectangular Pieces Of

  • PLC Controlled Grinder

    Self Cleaning Machinery, Temperature Set Grinding, Rpm Control Grinding, Dry Chilled Grinding


    Latest Pattern Of Grinding Ever Introduced In Indian History. It Works On The Following Points

  • Cryogenic Grinder

    Cryogenic Grinding Involves Cooling A Material Below Its Embrittlement Temperature With A Cryogenic Fluid, Typically Liquid Nitrogen. After Cooling, The Material Is Fed Into An Impact Mill Where It Is Reduced In Size Primarily By Twisting Force

  • Pin Mill Machine

    Pin Mill Work By Similar Principle As Hammer Mills (Impacts And Shearing) But With Typically Faster Tip Speed Rotor Configuration Of Intermeshing Pins Which Impact The Particles As Solids AND MAYERIAL IS TRANSORMED INTO POWDER FORM AND Cooling Of