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CO2 Capture Plant

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a major greenhouse gas that contributes to Earths global warming. Over the past two centuries, its concentration in the atmosphere has greatly increased, mainly because of human activities such as fossil fuel burning. This technique is called Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS).
One technique that could limit CO2 emissions from human activities into the atmosphere is Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS). It involves collecting, at its source, the CO2 that is produced by power plants or industrial facilities and storing it away for a long time in other materials. It should not be confused with carbon sequestration, which is the process of removing carbon from the atmosphere through natural processes such as the growth of forests, etc. We are a leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of CO2 Capture Plant.


Voltage 415/380 Volt Ac/3ph/50 - 60 Hz
Capacity 13000kg/hr
Automatic Grade Automatic
Material Suitable Material Of Construction To Make Food Grade Of Carbon Di-oxide
CO2 Purity 99.99%